COVID-19 Precautions at G4 CPA Firm

Dropping off tax papers

For the safety of our employees and our clients, please place your tax papers on the table right inside our door or drop your papers through the drop slot. We are here working and will retrieve them and continue to work on taxes. Please make sure you have given us the best phone contact and/or email to correspond with you.

As of right now, all deadlines remain the same. We will be in touch as to when your taxes are complete and the process for picking up/signing the necessary forms. Remember, we are unable to file until we have received your signed forms.

Picking up tax papers

If you have been contacted by us to pick-up your taxes, please let us know when you arrive, your name, and we will set your tax packet on a table inside our door for you to pick-up. You will need to sign any necessary forms (which are clearly marked with "sign here" labels). Please take them to your car (or home), sign them and return them to us by placing back on the table, through our drop slot, mail, or securely send them electronically to Gary or Alice. We must have these forms signed and dated in order to file your tax returns.